Jemma Lucy Shoots Down Claims That She Was Driving While Using Snapchat


Jemma Lucy has hit out at claims that she was using Snapchat to film a video while she was driving.

In the video Jemm is driving along while videoing but she has said that the car was parked while she was videoing.

Jack Kushner, a spokesperson for road safety charity Brake, has asked Jemma to not film while she is driving.

Hitting back at the claims she said:

‘I’m sorry if this looked like I was Snapchatting whilst driving I would like to make it clear that at this time I was not driving I was stationary. Please don’t ever use your phone whilst driving it’s really dangerous.’

Jack Kushner has since spoke to the Daily Mail and said:

‘Distracted driving is a growing menace, and selfishly using a mobile device behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous.

‘It is concerning to see Jemma using Snapchat whilst driving – research shows that using a phone behind the wheel affects reaction times as much as drink driving.

Jemma was clearly driving around in the video as you can see in the snaps below.

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jemma-lucy-shoots-down-claims-that-she-was-driving-while-using-snapchat-2 jemma-lucy-shoots-down-claims-that-she-was-driving-while-using-snapchat

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