Lauren Goodger Denies She’s Dating A Burglar In Prison But Admits She’s ‘Friends’ With Him


Over the weekend it was reported that Lauren Goodger was dating a convicted burglar and had been visiting him in prison.

Well now Lauren has hit out at the claims on Instagram and admitted that she is just ‘friends’ with the criminal.

Taking to her Instagram along with a collage of photos of the man in question Lauren said:

‘I don’t normally do this but I feel I have to explain this situation that is in the press at the minute… This boy Joey Morrisson is my friend and I have known him for many years and you will read he was convicted of a string of violent burglaries and this is not the case at all and the articles that have been put out in the past few days have been untrue and false… These news groups were contacted and have now reported the correct information on my friend so as I always say do not always believe what you read and see in the press… I’m getting a lot of messages saying I’m friends with a violent burglar and this is not correct and no he is not an angel but he didn’t attack innocent families as it was reported so I’d appreciate it if he is left out if the media. For what he has done he has served he’s punishment and all people change and deserve the truth spoken of them… So if you have read the articles online, re read them if you want to know the truth but otherwise leave this at he’s my friend and I have nothing else to say… Thank you😘’


It’s god that Lauren has cleared thing up and the press know where they stand with reporting the relationship.

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