Martine McCutcheon Gets Flirty As She Reunited With Ross Kemp After 18 Years!

martine-mccutcheon-gets-flirty-as-she-reunited-with-ross-kemp-after-18-years martine-mccutcheon-gets-flirty-as-she-reunited-with-ross-kemp-after-18-years-2

They both appeared on Eastenders together when they were really young but today after 18 years Martine McCutcheon and Ross Kemp finally got reunited.

The pair where reunited on Loose Women and Martine got very flirty with Ross admitting that he ‘always looks great’.

Ross, who played Martine’s on-screen husband Grant Mitchell, kissed all of the loose women but when he got to Martine it looked like she was never going to let him go!

She said:

‘For me it’s some of the best times ever. We had each other’s back. I was so young. I was 18. Ross watched me grow up. It was such an intense time.’

Ross then added:

‘She’s a great lady to have as a friend.’

It seem’s Martine being reunited with Ross has made her day!

It was a great moment!

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