Selena Gomez In Rehab Over Depression!

Selena Gomez In Rehab Over Depression!

Ohh no this doesn’t sound good!

Selena Gomez is apparently in rehab over depression!

If you remember back to last month when Selena was forced to cancel her Revival Tour due to depression, panic attacks, and anxiety brought on by her lupus diagnosis.

Sources have been reporting saying that the singer checked herself into rehab to get help with ehr depression.

Radaronline have reported that Gomez is in a east coast treatment facility and she will be there for another two months:

“The facility is a women’s only facility in a secluded wooded area. She’s staying for more than 60 days.”

Apparently she’s already been in the help center for a month so that would explain why she hasn’t been on social media for a while.

The source then continued to say that the center is not catered for big celebrities so it’s good because she wont have any ties in there.

The source continued:

“The rehab has a Christianity-based track, which might have been appealing given her religious background.”

“Residents are allowed to leave as a group on occasion for day trips to the surrounding area.”

Then the source continued to say that they have upped the security since Gomez checked in:

“They’ve significantly heightened security since she checked in.”

That’s good because we dont want paps waiting outside just to get a snap of her.

We hope that she is feeling better soon and is back to her normal self asap.

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