Day: September 29, 2016

Zayn Malik Shows Off Clean Shaven Face In New Selfie

Zayn Malik Shows Off Clean Shaven Face In New Selfie

Wow sexy!

On Thursday Zayn Malik decided to go clean shaven!

The singer showed off his fresh face on Instagram and needless to say people have flipped out just like the time Harry Styles cut his long locks!

Yes you did read that correctly.

He look’s so nice.

What do you think of his new snap??

TOWIE Hit With More Fake Rumors As Cast Member Vas Morgan Films Director Bossing Him Around During Snapchat Video


More fake rumors!

Yesterday we told you about the girl who filmed the TOWIE cast dancing without music proving that the reality show is fake but now there is more than confirms that.

Cast member Vas Morgan has filmed a Snapchat video showing the ITVBe series’ cast being given orders by a director.

They where filming a pool party for cast member Megan McKenna’s birthday when the director decided to tell the cast to ‘line up’.

In the background you can clearly hear the director say:

‘Right everybody, listen up. We are going to go downstairs to the pool’, the voice says.

‘Everybody downstairs to the pool! The dancers are down there.’

 We think that we have to agree that the show is scripted and not their ‘real lives’.

Megan McKenna Gives Oral Sex To A Banana During New Snapchat Story


Dirty girl!

Megan McKenna has decided to turn her Snapchat blue as she decided to give oral sex to a bannan.

Megan who’s currently in Marbella filming a The Only Way Is Essex special showed off her sexual skills during the video as a waiter brings her a banana with a red end to her table.

Megan decided to lick the end of the banana during the video much to the delight of her male fans.

Laughing in hysteria, she was soon serenaded by a keen guitar-wielding waiter, keen to impress the brunette beauty.

If you haven’t see the photo’s yet make sure you check them out above!

Just What Has Happened To Kylie Jenner’s Old Leaked Phone Number??

Just What Has Happened To Kylie Jenner's Old Leaked Number??

On Tuesday we told you about Rob Kardashian got into a little spat with his younger sister Kylie Jenner after Blac Chyna‘s baby shower drama and decided to tweet her mobile number to his millions of followers.

Well fans decided to try to call and text the number but they never got through to Kylie.

Now it’s been said that Kylie changer her number almost straight away for obvious reasons.

Also we have learnt that the 818 number has been taken out of the rotation for a full year instead of the usual 50 days.

The company that produced the number are hoping that everyone will forget about the number in a years time and they can give it to someone else.

We just hope it doesn’t pop up in people Timehop this time next year when someone else has the number becuase they are going to bet getting alot of calls lol.

More Information About Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Texting Comes Out!

More Information About Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Texting Comes Out!

So earlier this evening we told you about how shocked we where to hear the news that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had been texting despite their relationship coming to a bitter end and Taylor going off and starting to date Tom Hiddleston.

Well now more information about the situation have been said that they have exchanged a “simple text” to avoid any potential awkwardness during award show season.

A source has been published and said:

“It was a very brief, simple text exchange. They are going to run into each other around town and at events, and they need it to be cool. So if the media sees them in the same place, they won’t start freaking out. They are cool again but absolutely [have] no plans to get back together. It was more of an olive branch between them.”

It’s good to see them getting on!

We still don’t think we will see them drinking in pubs and socializing together.

Well not yet….

Katie Price Announces Husband’s Lover Jane Pountney’s Kids Watched As Katie Beat Her Up And Knocked Her Tooth Out!

Katie Price Announces Husband's Lover Jane Pountney's Kids Watched As Katie Beat Her Up And Knocked Her Tooth Out!

On Tuesday we told you about how Katie Price admitted that she got into a cat fight with her former best friend Jane Pountney after she found out that Jane had been sleeping with Katie’s husband Kieran Hayler.

Well now Katie has admitted a lot more!

The former glamour model has admitted that she beat Jane up in front of her children and even knocked her tooth out!

Talking during An Evening with Katie Price in Liverpool she said according to The Mirror:

‘I got up and proper got her. I thought I was a cage fighter or something… I was that angry I just clutched her hair. I’m not hard but I’ve done training.

‘And then Kieran called security. The worst thing is Jane’s two kids came in and they saw me attacking their mum. Security walked in and I just wouldn’t get off her.

 She continued:

‘I said: “What state is she in?” And she said that she had a black eye and I knocked her tooth out.’

Just remind us to NEVER get on the wrong side of Katie Price!!