Are Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Good Friends??

Are Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Good Friends??

On Thursday of this week it has been announced that Taylor Swift has made it up with her former flame Calvin Harris and now they are friends.

If you remember back to when Tay and calvin broke up Calvin wasn’t happy that Taylor jumped straight into another relationship with Tom Hiddleston AND confirmed she had written Harris’ latest collaboration with Rihanna, This Is What You Came For.

TMZ have been reporting saying that the former flames have been exchanging texts are are getting on.

It’s not been said who started to get in contact with each other but we doubt that they will be getting back together anytime soon.

Also what you have to think about is Calvin wrote his latest song My Way and sources have been saying that that song was written about his relationship to Taylor and how she got in his way.

At least they are friends!

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