Just What Has Happened To Kylie Jenner’s Old Leaked Phone Number??

Just What Has Happened To Kylie Jenner's Old Leaked Number??

On Tuesday we told you about Rob Kardashian got into a little spat with his younger sister Kylie Jenner after Blac Chyna‘s baby shower drama and decided to tweet her mobile number to his millions of followers.

Well fans decided to try to call and text the number but they never got through to Kylie.

Now it’s been said that Kylie changer her number almost straight away for obvious reasons.

Also we have learnt that the 818 number has been taken out of the rotation for a full year instead of the usual 50 days.

The company that produced the number are hoping that everyone will forget about the number in a years time and they can give it to someone else.

We just hope it doesn’t pop up in people Timehop this time next year when someone else has the number becuase they are going to bet getting alot of calls lol.

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