Katie Price Reveals Peter Andre No Longer See’s Harvey

Katie Price Reveals Peter Andre No Longer See's Harvey

So sad!

Katie Price has been talking about how splitting for her former husband Peter Andre took it’s tole on not only her life but on her son’s Harvey’s too.

When Pete and Katie where married Pete was very close to Katie’s son Harvey and at one point Pete even classed Heavy as his son even though it was biological.

Now Katie has admitted that Pete no longer sees Harvey during her tour An Evening with Katie Price.

This is not the first time we have heard that Pete doesn’t see Harvey as Pete has spoken about it before.

It was only last year that Pete referred to his brood as a ‘family of five’ that included Harvey.

Pete said last year:

“I don’t see him [Harvey] all the time, but I see him at events like the kidssports days.

“Also, there have been a few times recently where he’s been to my house and I’ve been to his. Harvey will always be special to me and I just want him to be happy. He’s a great kid!”

Katie said during her tour:

“We have gone on a journey, me and Harvey, and all I know is that no one will ever take him away from me.

“When you divorce you have to share the kids. But with Harvey there’s no one.

“Well, look, Dwight don’t want to know. Someone else doesn’t see him anymore. He’s just got me, you know?”

It is sad because Pete and Harvey really did get on.

It’s such a shame.

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