Zayn Malik’s Mum Want Him To Dump Gigi Hadid!!

Zayn Malik's Mum Want Him To Dump Gigi Hadid!!

Wow talk about get involved!

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid make such a good couple lots of you would agree but now Zayn’s mum.

Zayn’s mom Tricia, 46, has said that she no longer wants her son to be with the supermodel and all she want’s is for him to break up with her!

An insider has told OK magazine:

“She thinks Gigi’s too Hollywood,”

Then the source continued to say:

“Gigi spent most of her time on her phone”

Most young people do these days!

The source then said:

“Tricia wants Zayn to find a nice girl; she’s not sure Gigi fits the bill,”

Wow why is she so against Gigi.

Well we think they are perfect for each other so all that matter is is that Zayn and Gigi are happy together!

What do you think?

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