Megan McKenna Hits Out At Cheating Boyfriend Pete Wicks On Snapchat!


Earlier we told you that Megan McKenna has been left heartbroken after she found out that her boyfriend Pete Wicks had been texting his ex Jacqui Ryland.

Now Megan has hit out on Snapchat and told the story from her side to stop the press from changing things around!

Taking to her Snapchat the brunette beauty said:

‘You know what I’m going to actually tell you guys on here what happened. I actually found some messages on Pete’s phone a few weeks ago and they weren’t good but I thought I’d give him another chance, as I feel like everyone deserves a second chance.

‘The way that he was speaking to me was that he was really sorry and didn’t mean it. Obviously it’s not right that he was messaging other girls but he told me it was just innocent flirting.’

She continued to say:

‘I did know about some messages that were going about and obviously that’s hurt a lot. That a boy that I thought loved me and I loved could be with me and doing that at the same time.

Megan then started to get teared up as she admitted that Pete’s ex had been selling stories to the media as she continued:

‘But then like, today, for some girl to sell a story about it, and for me to see messages that I hadn’t seen before. That f***ing hurts. (Jacqui had) obviously seen that me and him were trying to move on and obviously he’s bought me nice things and I put it on Instagram and Twitter and its rubbed her up the wrong way.

‘But just to clear those rumours up I didn’t know all those messages were going about but its f***ing hurtful and heartbreaking. I just wish none of this had happened really. Life’s a c***. Everything happens for a reason.’

The taking to her Twitter account saturday she tweeted:

 ‘That b***h had enough press off me for the day’.

So sad we really are feeling for Megan over this!

Pete did a really silly thing because why would you want Poundland burgers when you have steak at home??

Updated: 1st October 2016 — 6:26 PM

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