Megan McKenna Left Heartbroken After Boyfriend Pete Wicks Is Caught Sexting Other Women! 

Ohh dear!

Megan McKenna has been left heartbroken to find out that her boyfriend Pete Wicks has been sexting other women! 

Megan broke the news via snapchat buy we knew something wasn’t right after the couple wher spotted in a massive row in Marbella yesterday! 

Megan got very tearful during the snapchat videos posted today. 

It was annouced in Friday morning by the sun that Pete has been texting his ex Jacqui Rylan and then it was said that Pete was sent home by the producers of Towie. 

Pete had been texting Jacqui while he’s been away with Megan and he texted her saying that Megan was ‘boating’.

The sun has reported that the messages where far too rude to be published in the media. 

The sun reported:

 ‘Pete was due to stay on till the end of filming in Marbella as he is one of the main cast. But he is being sent home early. There is so much drama on set right now and they are hoping this will ease the tension.’

Such a shame! 

He is just awful got texturing another women while with Megan. 

How is Megan “boating” she’s stunning! 

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