David and Victoria Beckhams’ Are Concerned Over Building Work And The Affect It Will Have On Neighbours

David and Victoria Beckhams' Are Concerned Over Building Work And The Affect It Will Have On Neighbours

Reports have been saying that David and Victoria Beckham are really worried about building work what has been going on to their £31.5 million home.

It’s been said that the famous pair have stepped up the security at their neighbours are not happy with bagging and noise from the builders doing the £8 million renovation.

The Mail Online have said that the neighbours have claimed they had to cope with noise pollution, dirt and even rats.

Reports have been saying that the area look’s like a building site as Vic’s and David’s neighbours have been having work done to their homes too.

The pair apparently have set up soundproof panic room, state of the art cameras, a response team and a tunnel – which staff can access – to allow them to sneak to a cottage behind the main home.

John Cowdry from Holland Park Residents’ said:

“I am aware of other residents who had building or development going on next to them for over two years, which drove them to complete distraction, especially the dust.

He continued:

“I myself lived through a neighbour’s basement construction process, which endured for the entire time that I was in my previous home. Living next to any construction project cannot be a pleasant experience for neighbours.

“Equally, however, property ownership is one of the cornerstones of our economy, and I don’t believe that any property owner would want their property rights unduly restricted.”

At the end of the day it wont take long and then the area will be back to normal.

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