Producers Of Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna’s Reality Show Rob & Chyna are Thinking About Scrapping The Show!

Rob Kardashian Is So Worried About His Weight He Thinks Blac Chyna Will Stop Fancying Him

It hasn’t been on for very long and now it’s looking like it’s going down the pan!

It been reported that the producers of Rob & Chyna are really worried about the show and thinking about giving it the boot.

The producers of the show just can get commitment from Rob Kardashian so it’s a massive pain for them trying to make the show.

The bosses of the show want to record a second series but E! hasn’t ordered it yet, because of Rob’s no show that he often does.

Rob has once again become pretty isolated from family, friends, and Chyna and the producers just worry that he will pull out of the show!

A second series would be really good viewing because Blac Chyna has her baby in six week and viewers and fans would want to see that on the show.

Tmz have been reporting say that the producers call Blac “TV gold,” and producers absolutely love working with her.

Maybe we will see her get her own reality show without Rob??

Who knows??

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