Demi Lavato Slates Fans Drawing Of Her Due To The Size Of Her Breasts!

A 17-year-old fan of Demi Lavato was delighted when the singer shared her drawing on Instagram.

Then Demi decided to slate the draw ng over the size of her breasts what the fan drew of her.

Vladimir Serbanescu, an artist from Romania drew the stunning photo and shared it online. Noticing the drawing Demi decided to post it on her social me diva accounts but she didn’t have much nice to say.

She said along with the photo:

“Is that how my boobs should look?” ‘It’s gorgeous but that’s not my body,’

No it’s not her body but even if she thought that she should have never posted it so publicly.

Now Vladimir has said that he is ashamed of his work due to her comments.

So awful.

What do you think should she have just said she liked it or told the truth.

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