Coleen Nolan Copies Britney Spears By Wearing A Red Latex Outfit

coleen-nolan-copies-britney-spears-by-wearing-a-red-latex-outfit coleen-nolan-copies-britney-spears-by-wearing-a-red-latex-outfit-2

Coleen Nolan is no stranger to dress up on Loose Women but now she has taken it to another level.

The TV presenter decided to show off her body as she dressed up as Britney Spears dressed in a red latex outfit.

Yesterday on the daytime show it was a Britney exclusive as she became a loose women for the day and what a nice way to see a middle aged woman dressed up as your former self.

Walking on to the set Collen flashed her bum to the camera and live studio audience.

Coleen said:

‘I can’t breath, I can’t sit down! Don’t make me sit down!’

This is just so funny!

One thing we can say is Coleen isn’t afraid of making a fool of herself.

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