Danielle Lloyd Has Her Stomach Fat Frozen After Cruel Jokes Online


She’s received cruel jokes online after trolls talked about her weight but now Danielle Lloyd has taken dramatic measures to lose some belly weight.

Taking to her Snapchat Danielle showed off her procedure on Snapchat and we have to say it looks nasty.

The model  filmed herself getting 3D liposuction after being told she “looked pregnant”.

Along with the video she said:

‘Getting some fat frozen lol” (sic).’

Fat freezing or Cryolipolysis involves controlled freezing of fat cells and specifically targets pockets in stubborn areas.

The body’s lymphatic system disposes of the dead fat cells over several weeks and months and makes you thiner.

It costs around £250 so it’s not cheap and look’s very very painful.

She then hit back at cruel people joking about her weight as she said:

“U know what people slating me I can’t win a few days ago everyone saying I looked pregnant just me a break!!!” (sic)

She shouldn’t have to change herself for other people.

It looks an awful thing to have done.


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