Danniella Westbrook Calls The Police Over Hacking Hell! She Is Not Back On Drugs!!

Danniella Westbrook Calls The Police Over Hacking Hell!


Danniella Westbrook has been forced to call the police after vicious hacker took over her email account and contacting press saying that she was back on drugs.

We told you yesterday that Danniella contacted the press to say that she had relapsed and was back on drugs when actually it was the hackers contacting the press and not her.

Miss Westbrook has now spoken to the press about what is going on with her social media accounts and email.

She said:

“Everything has been hacked.

“I’m losing my mind. It’s making me ill. I feel unsafe in my own place.

“I didn’t give those quotes. The hacker has even taken over my email accounts.”

Apparently Westbrook told the press yesterday:

“I have relapsed and I’m trying to stop using, but it’s a long road ahead.”

It’s just so awful that she hasnt got a leg to stand on.

We actually feel sorry for her but we are glad that she is not back on the drugs.

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