Holly Willoughby Talks About Her Relationship With Phillip Schofield On Loose Women


They are TV husband and wife but with most relationships there come rows but now with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Talking on Loose Women today Phillip admitted that he can’t recall a time where they had a row.

Phillip revealed they’ve ‘never had a row’ but did admit, ‘there’s still time’ lol.

Schofile then talked about how both families get on so well as he continued:

‘My wife Stephanie and Holly’s husband Dan get on with one another which is nice.’

‘Holly and I think in the same way as one another which makes life easier.’

 They both have even been on holiday together a few times and Holly admitted that when they go on the plane everything to do with work and This Morning is left behind.
She said:
‘On holiday, or at dinner, we don’t talk about work. We’ve never had a row. She’s pushed me. But not that far.’

We just love the chemistry between than and that’s why they make TV gold.


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