Sophie Kasaei Shows Off The DANGERS Of Becoming Addicted To Lip Fillers


Over the last few years lip fillers have become very very popular with most celebrities these days taking to the needle and having their lips injected.

Well now it seem’s Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei became too addicted to the fillers.

Appearing on this week’s Celebrity Botched Up Bodies that she first starting trying to plump up her pout before she was famous with disastrous results.

Sophie admitted that she started to ‘like the Elephant Man’, but that still didn’t stop her from having the regular top up’s in her lips.

The reality star has now been warned by consultant plastic surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick that she need’s to stop the habit for her health but she admitted that she find it hard too because she’s in the public eye and needs to look good.

She said on the show:

‘It is addictive you want to get more and more, it is so hard to stop,’ she said.

‘I live in this social media world where you have got to look amazing, you get more work and you get sponsored if you look amazing, so I feel like I have to look amazing all the time.’

At one point her lips where so big that she actually started to look ridiculous.

She continued to say:

‘There is a massive pressure with fame to look good, you have to look perfect in all the pictures you put up on Instagram and Twitter or you get grief.’

When she started having the fillers she was just paying £50 and didn’t have a clue what was in the injection but now she is taking it down a more media root.

She then said:

‘I remember leaving that woman’s house thinking my lips look great and then realised it wasn’t even filler that I was getting in my lips, it was silicone or saline,’

‘At the time I thought I was big and clever and looked amazing but in reality I just looked like the Elephant Man,’

Her lips did look awful.

Have a look at what her lips use to look like and dont forget to see if Sophie can have her lips put back to normal on Celebrity Botched Bodies on Channel 5 Thursdays at 10pm.

Sophie Kasaei Shows Off The DANGERS Of Becoming Addicted To Lip Fillers

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