Day: October 8, 2016

Kim Kardashian Files $5.6m Insurance Claim Over Stolen Jewelry

Security Expert Say Kim Kardashian Sharing Luxurious Social Media Posts Made Her A Target!

Five days ago it was the worst day of Kim Kardashian’s life as it was the moment when she was tied up and held at gunpoint along with having £8.5 million pounds worth of jewelry stolen.

Now it’s been said that Kim has filed an insurance claim over the stolen jewelry for a whopping $5.6 million dollars.

If she get’s the insurance money back then her husband Kanye West wont have to go out and buy another one.

There isnt much out about this story but we will keep you posted about the insurance claim.

Scotty T Talks About Megan McKenna And Pete Wicks Split As He Admits Megan Threatened To Cut His ‘D*** Off”

Scotty T Talks About Megan McKenna And Pete Wicks Split As He Admits Megan Threatened To Cut His 'D*** Off"

They had a brief romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house at the start of this year but now Scotty T has gave his opinions on Megan McKenna and Peter Wick’s split.

Last weekend we told you about Megan and Pete’s relationship was over due to Pete secxting his ex and he was also sent home from filming TOWIE.

Now Scotty said that when he was with Megan briefly she threatened to cut his d*** off as he spoke to MTV:

“At the end of the day, he shouldn’t have been doing it. They’ve been together for what, six months? Since after Big Brother. Since I pied her off.

He continued:

“Pete must be devastated. I mean, I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of her, man.

“I remember once on Big Brother she said to me ‘If you ever do anything wrong I’ll cut your d*** off’.”

“I’ve seen her naked.”

She is very feisty and would more than likely would cut his willy off.


We do love Megan.

Rob Kardashian Slammed After Sharing Snap Of Diamond Jewellery On Insatgram

Rob Kardashian Slammed After Sharing Snap Of Diamond Jewellery On Insatgram

She was gagged, tied up and feared for her life all over sharing photos of her diamsos on Instagram but now just days after Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob Kardashian is doing the same.

Today the reality star showed off his three diamond watches and diamond necklace!

Rob flashed the millions of pounds worht of jewels on Instagram to his followers going mad after what happened to his sister.

One person commented on the photo and said:

“Man looking to get robbed,”

Wil another said:

“When will the Kardashians learn?”

We agree with them when will they learn??

See the snap below.

Rob Kardashian Slammed After Sharing Snap Of Diamond Jewellery On Insatgram

Simon Cowell Hits Out At Niall Horan

Simon Cowell Hits Out At Niall Horan

Shade alert!

Simon Cowell has taken a swipe at former One Direction singer Niall Horan After his debut single!

Niall’s new single is called This Town came in at this week charts on the 9th position what failed to knock James Arthur off the number one spot.

Niall was asked to join Simon’s record label Syco last month for his solo career but he refused.

Taking a swipe at Niall’s refusal Simon said this week about Niall not being number one:

“He probably would have had a No 1 single if he’d stayed with me.

“But you know who does have a No 1 this week? James Arthur . Very pleased he’s back with us with a fantastic record.”


Simon think’s he owns the music scene lol.

Katie Price Wears Diamond Necklace Ex Alex Reid Got Her! 

She split up from cage fighter Alex Reid many years ago but now Katie Price has been wearing the necklace that Alex brought her as this comes just one day after she admitted her marriage troubles to Kieran Hayley.

Fans noticed that she was wearing the necklace on Loose Women yesterday when she announced that she was taking some time out of the public eyes to focas on her marriage.

The necklace what featured in Katie and Alex’s   ITV reality show For Better For Worse.

We wonder why the hell she is wearing an necklace that was brought by her former flame.

Just How Has Kylie Jenner Copped With Kim Kardashian’s Robbery?

Since Kim Kardashian was attacked in Paris in the early hours of Monday morning mist of the Kardashian family have been quiet on social media.

All a part of Kim’s sister Kylie Jenner who’s been posing for selfies and teeeting away since the attack.

People have accused the model of not caring about her sister but it seems this is the way she is coming with it!

One thing that must have got her down was all The sisters a paper from Kylie where new Kim at the time and rushed to her side straight after the attack and Kylie was in Los angles .

It seems her using her social network sites is like a cougar blanket and that’s how she copes with the pain.

We hope that she is ok and not keeping her feelings to herself.