Kanye West Is In A “Good State Of Mind” After Paris Attack

 Kanye West Is In A "Good State Of Mind" After Paris Attack

It’s nearly a week since Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room and everyone in the Kardashian family where left shaken.

Kim’s husband Kanye West took it really bad but now it seem’s he has a good head on at the moment.

An insider has been speaking about West’s mental transformation, as they said:

“He’s taking everything in stride. He’s in a positive head space. He’s not driving himself crazy with things that are not inside his control.”

Hopefully Kanye’s good mind could help Kim through her trauma.

It’s also been said that Kanye is trying his best to help the FBI catch these men who did this to his wife as a source said:

“He’s not hiring mercenaries to find out what happened. He has connections at the highest levels — FBI, government — trying to help figure out what happened.”

Just remember that the officials don’t have much evidence about the case duse to the hotels lack o CCTV.

Then talking about his concert Friday night sources have said that he will talk about the attack.

They read:

“Usually there’s a moment in the show, where he breaks it down with just a piano and does his little stream-of-consciousness thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if something was coming. He might turn around and not ever address it or he might address it tonight. You just never know because he doesn’t plan things like that.”

We are glad things are going back to normal.

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