Holly Willoughby Reports Her Car As Stolen To the Police For It To Be Found At Husbands Work!


well this is embarrassing.

According to the Sun, Holly Willoughby reported her car to e stolen to the police when it was actually found outside her husband Dan Baldwin’s work.

The presenter told the police that her Mercedes SUV had vanished and was no wear to be seen after she left it outside of her house in london.

The car was later found all thanks to the trackin device it the weird thing is police are still investergating the case even though Holly has the car back at her home.

The car was found at Queen’s Club in West Kensington , where Dan rents an office for a TV production company he runs with DragonsDen entrepreneur Peter Jones.

A source at the club said:

“The police located it easily enough that night on the street a few yards away from the offices of Hungry Bear Media in annexe on the site of Queen’s.

“It was clamped that night and towed away the next morning.

The source continued to say:

“Police also took CCTV from the club, seemingly in the hope of identifying whoever took the car in the first place.

“It is not clear whether the police even realise at this stage that Dan has an office at the club and there may be a much simpler explanation behind the disappearance of Holly’s car other than it being stolen.

Scotland heard have said their investergations continue.

We will keep you posted on this story

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