Day: October 10, 2016

Orangutan Does Magic Trick At Colchester Zoo

Orangutan Does Magic Trick At Colchester Zoo

He’s may be one of the most intelligent animals in the world but now Rajang the orangutan at Colchester Zoo can add magic to the long list of things that he’s good at.

Rajang who hit the headlines last year after he kissed a pregnant woman’s belly though the glass has now been taking part in a magic trick at the zoo. CLICK HERE

Magician Matty G did a car trick what saw him hold a playing card to the window while Rajang watched.

Then Rajang hit the window with the stick for then the card to move onto the inside of the window as he pulled if off to smell it.

The moment was filmed by the zoo and uploaded to their Facebook page.

Make sure you check it out below.

Joan Collins Gives A Load Of Cloths To Local Charity Shop

Joan Collins Gives A Load Of Cloths To Local Charity Shop

Want to get your hands on some of Joan Collin’s fancy clothes well now you can?

Joan has decided to send some of her unwanted clothes to a charity show to help them raise some money.

Item’s include designer clothes, shoes and jewellery to theShooting Star Chase charity shop in Guildford, Surrey.

One fan who traveled all the way from Dorset to Surrey and spend £700 while a customer from Germany spent £400 over the phone.

The charity shop hope to raise £10,000 for terminally ill children and their families.

That’s such a lovely thing for her to do.

It’s just amazing.

Is Khloe Kardashian’s New Love Having A Baby With His Ex??


Ohh no not more Kardashian drama!

Just as we thought Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s where head over heels in love it seems there may be a massive bombshell in the way.

Tristan’s ex ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig has annouced she’s pregnant and the baby could be Tristan’s.

Showing off her massive baby bump on Instagram over the weekend the Jordan shared the photo leaving to speculation on who’s the father.

Tristan and eight-months-pregnant Jordan confirmed that they where dating by sharing loved up photos on Instagram and had been together for three years.

He has also been with Khloe since september so who know what’s going to happen here.

TOWIE’s Dan Edgar and Diags Strip Naked To Copy Megan McKenna And Ex Boyfriend Pete Wicks Online Snap

TOWIE's Dan Edgar and Diags Strip Naked To Copy Megan McKenna And Ex Boyfriend Pete Wicks Online Snap

OHH what can we say??

Funny pair Dan Edgar and Diags from The Only Way Is Essex have decided to strip down and copy former love birds Megan McKenna and Pete Wick’s naked photo what they shared online.

The pair where not shy about flashing the flesh just like Megan and Pete did in their snap.

The photo was shared on the TOWIE instagram page and we have to say there look so much a like apart from Diags has a little more hair than Megan and Dan doesn’t have any tattoo’s unlike Pete.

Sharing the photo last night the TOWIE production tea shared it with the caption of:

Behold, the @danedgar and @jamesbennewith1 #NakedSelfie from last night’s #TOWIM! You’re welcome.’

Since sharing the photo it has received a whopping 12,00 likes.

Very funny boys.

Holly Willoughby Talks Horrible Mistake In-Front Of Her Mother-In-Law!


Mother-in-laws who’d have them??

Holly Willoughby has been talking about a horrible time she first cooked for her mother-in-law.

Holly who’s married to Dan Baldwin and has been married for nine years invited Carol M. Baldwin round for family dinner.

Holy admitted she went to the garden to pick the herbs but accidentally picked the lavender and put that on the food.

Talking on Lorraine this morning Holly said:

“Dan’s mum is a lovely Italian lady. When we first met, she cooked me this amazing meal.

“It took me a long time to cook for her in return because she is just so good. When I did, I made a huge mistake. I went into the garden to get some herbs for the dinner but instead of picking the right herb, I put lavender in the dish!”

That must have been sooooo embarrassing for poor Holly.

We could just see their faces sitting round the diner table finding out that it was lavender on the food.

Kylie Jenner Wears Just Her Underwear In New Instagram Selfie

Kylie Jenner Wears Just Her Underwear In New Instagram Selfie

Kylie jenner is no stranger to flashing the flesh but now she has taken it to another level.

The youngest Jenner sister shared a snap of her toned tummy wearing just her underwear and a top as she posed in the mirror.

Kylie took the sexy selfie from the master bathroom of her $6 million mansion in Hidden Hills what she recently brought.

Sharing the photo Kylie simply said:


Wow we bet that made her male fans ‘morning’!