Diamond With Vital Evidence Found Outside Kim Kardashian’s Hotel Room

Diamond With Vital Evidence Found Outside Kim Kardashian's Hotel Room

This is fantastic news.

It was exactly a week ago Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and had £8 million pounds worth of jewelry stolen from her hotel room.

Over the weekend we told you that police where looking for a diamont what was dropped while the thefts where leaving the hotel that will have vital evidence on.

Well no it’s been reported that the diamond has been found just outside of her hotel room and is not being taken in to look at for evidence.

TMZ reports that a platinum mounted diamond cross was noticed on the floor by the police the day after the robbery happened.

The Jacob and Co. piece is reportedly worth around $33,180 and even though it doesn’t add up to $5 million it’s still a start and when the cops have finished with it it will be returned to Kimmy.

Apparently the diamond was found on the sidewalk shortly after the attack and fortunately and was handed into the police who are now looking for DNA.

We really hope they find all what they need to makes an arrest.

It’s a start.

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