Holly Willoughby Talks Horrible Mistake In-Front Of Her Mother-In-Law!


Mother-in-laws who’d have them??

Holly Willoughby has been talking about a horrible time she first cooked for her mother-in-law.

Holly who’s married to Dan Baldwin and has been married for nine years invited Carol M. Baldwin round for family dinner.

Holy admitted she went to the garden to pick the herbs but accidentally picked the lavender and put that on the food.

Talking on Lorraine this morning Holly said:

“Dan’s mum is a lovely Italian lady. When we first met, she cooked me this amazing meal.

“It took me a long time to cook for her in return because she is just so good. When I did, I made a huge mistake. I went into the garden to get some herbs for the dinner but instead of picking the right herb, I put lavender in the dish!”

That must have been sooooo embarrassing for poor Holly.

We could just see their faces sitting round the diner table finding out that it was lavender on the food.

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