Megan McKenna Flips As She Finds Out Boyfriend Pete Wicks Had Been Sexting His Ex! 

It all went mad on Towie last night after scenes where aired when Megan McKenna confronted cheating boyfriend Pete Wicks.

Megan and Pete where in Marbella when she found out that he had been texting his ex Jacqui Rylans saying that Megan was “Boaring” and how he wanted to be with his ex as we reported last weekend. 

During the dramatic arena shown last night Megan thre her thousands of pounds Rolex watch st Pete what he brought her just days before fidnging out about the cheating. 

Megan shouted at Pete:

‘I don’t even want to f***ing hear your voice,’

She continued to say:

You’ve been telling this girl you want to be single – go and be f**king single then,’

The fall out from the row will air Wednesday night on Towie!

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