Dr. Luke Responds To Kesha’s Claims He’s About To Publish Her Medical Records

Dr. Luke Responds To Kesha's Claims He's About To Publish Her Medical Records

Dr. Luke has hit back.

Earlier today we told you about Kesha was taking legal action to stop over 900 pages of her medical documents from being published to media outlets by Dr.Luke.

Well now Dr. Luke has hit out at Kesah and is not happy that she is accusing him of wanting to do such thing.

Dr. Luke’s attorney Christine Lepra has said to People:

“Because Kesha made public accusations and in the case that she was allegedly harmed by Dr. Luke, the Court ordered her to produce her medical records. Now, Kesha wants to hide her records, while continuing to make self-serving, selective and misleading statements to hurt my clients publicly.”

Then Dr. Luke’s Lawyer added:

“Our position is that that the Court— and not Kesha’s lawyers — should decide whether Kesha’s medical information remains confidential given her public disclosures. We in fact offered to keep the records confidential pending the Court’s decision as to them. Kesha’s attorneys refused that offer, and instead filed their misleading motion for more press attacks on my clients.”

It seem’s like they may have battled this out in court but maybe Dr. Luke is just not that nasty to publish the docs.

What do you think will he publish them??

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