Ellen DeGeneres Buys Hilary Duff’s Son An AMAZING Gift! See Here!

Ellen DeGeneres Buys Hilary Duff's Son An AMAZING Gift! See Here!

She’s just so lovely!

On Monday Hilary Duff was appearing on the Ellen Show and talked to show host Ellen DeGeneres that Luca planned to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween.


Talking on the show Hilary said:

“He wants to be a Ghostbuster this year.

“He’s obsessed with Ghostbusters, obsessed with the slimer. He learned the whole song. He is, like, dedicated. He is so serious about it.”

In typical Ellen fashion she had a present for Luca as a man walked on to the set with a Ghostbusters car from Ellen.

Hilary seemed so shocked at the lovely gift but we bet her son absolutely loved it.

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