Khloe Kardashian Talks Kim Kardashian’s Progress And She’s Not Doing Very Well!

Khloe Kardashian Talks Kim Kardashian's Progress And She's Not Doing Very Well!

This is not the news we wanted to hear.

So just as we thought that Kim Kardashian might be getting over the robbery what happened in Pairs over a week ago it’s now been said by Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian that she isn’t doing very well at all.

Khloe is on The Ellen Show today in America and talking to Ellen DeGeneres Khloe gave an update on Kim’s state of mind.

She told Ellen:

“I mean, it’s incredibly traumatic what happened to her, but our family is super close and great and we’ll get through it together and we do appreciate all of your guys’ love and support. It will take time. You know, it was horrible what happened to her.”

The Khloe talked about why the family decided to take some time of their social media accounts and how they have all changed the way they use the sites.

She continued:

“Well, I think it’s just a wake up call to make a lot of life adjustments. This is a really serious matter for Kim I think that’s really personal as to when that emotional terror you could move on from that. I think for us it’s all a wake up call for all of us, but definitely just to make sure our sister’s OK.”

“Like I said, we’re a family we’ll do this together. I think it’s important to make those adjustments and to pull back a little bit, I think is always smart.”

This is the first time that any of the family have spoken  out about the attack so this is going to be a big interview to watch.

Make sure you check out the clip below.

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