Kim Kardashian’s Robbers Where ‘Amateurs’ And Didn’t Even Look Like Real Police!

Kim Kardashian Is Going To Amp Up Security And Change The Way She Uses Social Media!

Well this is a change in events it’s now looking like Kim Kardashian’s paris attackers where as skilled as we thought.

With the news that the attackers didn’t leave much evidence behind we have now learnt that they were ‘amateurs’ and didn’t even look like real police officers at all!

As we told you yesterday that one of Kim’s diamond was found outside of the hotel and was suspected to have been dropped when they made their escape from the hotel.

According to TMZ the robbers where arguing about the heist with each other in French, being hesitant and even indecisive.

Also apparently their outfits looked like they where brought from a Halloween shop because they looked like they where something for fancy dress and not an actual police uniform.

Just mad!

They really need to find these idiots.

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