Disney Get Sued After Door Crushed Harrison Ford’s Foot While Filming New Star Wars Film

Disney Get Sued After Door Crushed Harrison Ford's Foot While Filming New Star Wars Film

This is not good for Disney and for Harrison Ford.

During the filming of the latest Star Wars film The Force Awakens, actor Harrison Ford’s foot was caught in a door on the screen spaceship – the Millenium Falconand made his foot like a “blunt-edged guillotine”.

Now we have learnt that the Disney company are being sued due to the accident and have been charged with two counts of breaching its health and safety duties and today faced sentencing.

The judge was told that the door could have killed the actor when it happened in June 2014.

Prosecuting Andrew Marshall said today:

“In any construction project there is a need for safety, it is something that has to be planned.

“There was an investigation that was brought about by an incident.

“During the making of Star Wars Episode XII: The Force Awakens, the actor Harrison Ford sustained injuries as a result of being struck by a hydraulically powered vertical sliding door that was part of a film set.

He continued:

“Part of the concept of the film was that the original actors and scene locations of the previous films would be used.

“The area (the door) was known within the film production as the carousal.

“The door was designed to ensure rapid closure. The door was designed for a film but that is just a species of work place where the same requirements of safety are imposed as anywhere else.

“The door was operated by a person sitting behind a screen and pressing the button. However, when the operator closed the door she did not realise Mr Ford was planning to back through and he became trapped.”

Ford was rushed to hospital after the accident took place and the staff at the Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital had the job of fixing the horrific accident.

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