Jodie Marsh Announces New Exciting TV Projects

Jodie Marsh Announces New Exciting TV Projects

Yay we love her documentaries.

For the last couple of years Jodie Marsh has been making documentaries for TLC but now the bodybuilder has decided to leave the channel and has been having meetings with other major channels about making documentaries for the.

Taking to Twitter on Monday Jodie tweeted:

“Oh my goodness I am SO excited. Since announcing I’m leaving TLC, I now have meetings booked in with THREE major channels!! This is mega!!

“I’ve also had some very strange offers. Haha. Ideally I want to carry on making my amazing documentaries cos I have SO many topics lined up.”

“And of course I’m the QUEEN of access, having built up years of trust with my contributors. I have three other prisons asking me to go in!

“Anyway I just wanted to share my excitement because I was so scared when I announced I was leaving TLC as I didn’t even have a plan.

Jodie Marsh Announces New Exciting TV Projects

This is fantastic news.

Jodie’s adocumrties have been reall facernating from when she went to a womens prison in texas to meeting people on benefits

We wonder what her new shows will hold and what channel will they be on??

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