Lateysha Grace Has Fat Removal And Breast Surgery

Lateysha Grace Has Fat Removal And Breast Surgery

She had the scare of her life last year when she went to a ‘hotel room’ to have a bum job and then was forced to have surgery to correct her botched up butt job.

Now Lateysha Grace has gone under the knife again.

The Celebrity Big Brother star has had fat removal and breast surgery to try and make her body “perfect”.

Lateysha videoed while she was in hospital and uploaded the video to Youtube as she said in the video:

“I just hate looking ugly,” she said. “I can’t wait to be pretty.”

“I’m feeling really nervous right now.

“But excited at the same time, because I believe that [my surgeon] is gonna do a really good job on me.”

Things then got awful as one of her implants blew up just four months after she had the surgery done.

Admitting Grace said that she could have died” if she hadn’t taken them out.

This is just so awful.

Catch the video below.

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