The Chainsmokers Really Dont Like Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion

The Chainsmokers Really Dont Like Lady Gaga's Perfect Illusion

Wow talk about attack of the Little Monsters.

On Tuesday during an interview with Rolling Stones, The Chainsmokers have admitted they that they aren’t fans of Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion tune.

Talking to the magazine the band talked about who their favorite and least favorite artists are in the music scene.

Since their hit single Closer, was published the boy shave worked with some of the biggest artis going including Chris Martin from Coldplay, fellow EDM superstar Calvin Harris, and Bono from U2!

Talking when band member Taggart, Bono admitted that he arrived at the studio all by himself:

“played us some new U2 music. We played him some of our new stuff, and with this one song, he was like, ‘That’s great – will you send that to me?’ Which was so sick.”‘

Then he spoke about Gaga Perfect Illusion, and he said:

“It sucks.”

Ohh dear!
That’s not nice.

Then he tried to smoothing things out as he continued to say:

“She’s a great artist – like, Jeff Koons made a sculpture of her…”

Not the nicest things to say because Gaga might think that their much “sucks”.


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