Megan McKenna Receals Pete Wicks Was Sexting Other Girls While In Bed With Her!


This is just so shocking.

As we have been telling you about th earfullnews that Megan McKenna found out that her boyfriend Pete Wicks had been sexting ther women but now it’s a whole lot worse.

During scenes shown Wednesday night on The Only Way Is Essex viewers saw Megan rages as she found out that Pete has been sexting other women while laying in bet with her just after they had sex.


Talking to Danielle Armstrong she said:

‘I thought something was up, I went down his phone a few weeks ago after Barcelona and there was messages to a few girls.
‘I found things like him being really flirty like he ain’t got a girlfriend and looking back at the dates… I’m sitting next to him, we probably just had sex!’

MY goodness.

It’s just awful fr her to find all this out.

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