Frankie Bridge Admits She’s Keeping Her Hair Short Even If Husband Wayne Doesn’t Like It!

Frankie Bridge Admits She's Keeping Her Hair Short Even If Husband Wayne Doesn't Like It!

She had her hair short and then she had extension and then went back to short and we have to say it suits her so much better short.

Now Frankie Bridge has admitted that she is keeping it short and she doesn’t cared about what her husband Wayne Bridge thinks.

Talking to the Mirror the former singer said when asked if Wayne likes her hair:

The shorter the better. But when I texted and said ‘I think I’m going to cut it off again’, he said ‘Really? I’ve got used to it long now.’ I won’t repeat what I said back but I wasn’t impressed. I was like ‘Seriously? You’ve given me such a hard time about having longer hair and now THIS is what you’re saying?!’ You really can’t win. But yeah he likes it now.

It really does look good on her.

We like it.

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