Judge Stops Kesha’s Media Records From Being Published

Judge Stops Kesha's Media Records From Being Published

As we told you on Monday Kesha has been doing everything she can to stop over 900 pages of her medical records from being leaked in the media by Dr. Luke who she is currently battling in court.

Now the case about the records has been to court and Dr. Luke’s legal team respond to the singers most recent courtroom strategy by saying:

Kesha wants to hide her records, while continuing to make self-serving, selective and misleading statements to hurt my clients publicly.”

Then on Wednesday the court sided with Kesha and said that the medical records are not to be published to the media.

The judge said:

“Given the extraordinary media attention to this action to date, which among other things has resulted in threats to the court and demonstrations, the court finds the foregoing protective order is warranted.”

It’s good that she has got what she wanted.

We will keep you updated on this.

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