Stacey Solomon Announces She Has Sexaully Trasmitted Dieses On Loose Women

Stacey Solomon Announces She Has Sexcaull Trasmitted Dieses On Loose Women.

She’s normally keeps her private life private but today on Loose Women Stacey Soloman admitted that she was infected with a skin on skin secual transmitted desise after a fomrer partner never told her that he was positive.

Stacey opened up on the show this afternoon admitting that the STI what she has could have given her cervical cancer and now she has to go for regular smear tests and blood tests.

Stacey said that she was left angry after the man in question enver told her that he was infected with the disease.

She then was asked by fellow Loose Women Nadia Sawalha about how she can get rid of the sti and she replied that she will have to wait until it comes out of her system.

More news to come!

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