Lady Colin Campbell Admits She Had Hours To Live After Blood Poisoning

Scary stuff. 

Lady Colin Campbell has admitted that she nearly died after she managed to get blood poisoning. 

 Campbell has told how she was just “hours from death” through blood poisoning.

Talking to the Sunday People he said: 

“I’d have died if I hadn’t been given stronger anti­biotics”

She continued to say:

“If I’d gone into septic shock I could have been dead within 48 to 72 hours. I could feel my organs starting to shut down. I was desperately ill.”

The I’m a celeb star started to feel ill on Wednesday and was rushed to hospital. 

She continued to say:

“I went to the doctor, who asked if I’d been abroad and exposed to bacteria, which I hadn’t. I was given antibiotics, I think for suspected food poisoning, and went home still feeling dreadful.”

We are glad that she is feeling better . 

It must be so horrible to have something like blood poisoning. 

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