Rob Kardashian ‘Has Gained 50lbs In 6 Months And Eats ‘6,000 Calories A Day’


On Sunday night’s episode of Rob and Chyna viewers will see Rob Kardashian admitting that he will go and seek some help.

Now it’s been annouced that Rob is putting so much more weight on as he has gained 50lbs and eats 6,000 calories a day according to Life & Style magazine.

A source has said that Rob just can’t stop binge eating due to stress what he is going through at the moment.

A source has said:

‘Rob has gained 50 pounds in the past six months,’ it was alleged.

The source then continued to say that Rob is ’emotional eating’ as his romance with Blac Chyna is still ‘hot and cold.’

He has been spotted out recently and you can clearly see that he has put so much weight on, hopefully him having therapy will get him back in the right mindset.

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