Day: October 16, 2016

Lady Gaga Cancels X Factor And UK TV Appearances Due To Of Poor Chart Performances?!

Lady Gaga Cancers X Factor And UK TV Appearances Due To Of Poor Chart Performances?!

Such a shame.

Lady Gaga was booked to be back in the UK again soon to perform on X Factor and other UK TV shows including The Graham Norton Show but now sadly they have been canceled.

Gaga has canceled the appearances due to low chart performance of her new single Perfect Illusion and Million Reasons.

Gaga was going to chat and perform on Norton’s show on Friday and then X Factor — which airs next Sunday — and the last minute cancellations.

Reports have said that the BBC and ITV are raging about her canceling the appearances because previous time Gaga has been on the shows he has brought in the ratings.

A source has said:

“Lady Gaga had been scheduled to come to London this week to promote her new album Joanne but she cancelled all her appearances a little over a week ago. No one knows why but there’s speculation it’s because the comeback singles are underperforming.”

This is such a shame.

Gaga is always a massive laugh when she is on Norton’s show and great when she performs on X Factor.

Her new album Joanne is due out on Friday, so hopefully this will bring her a little more success.

One Republic is now set to replace her next week.

Little Mix Get Slammed After Being Nearly Naked On The X Factor

Little Mix Get Slammed After Being Nearly Naked On The X Factor

Tonight they returned to the stage where it all started.

But Little Mix’s performance has been slammed by viewers after they where wearing nothing really at all on the family show.

The girls where dressed in tiny leotards, shortes and a short dress.

One of the worst out of the outfits was Jesy Nelson’s who had her bum on full show and she basically had a thong on.

The singers danced, gyrated and strutted across the stage in barely any clothing.

One person took to Twitter and said:

“Why are they all wearing their swimming costumes? #XFactor “

Another fan said:

“Jesy needs to cover up ASAP”, and another posted: “Jessy no X Factor.”

They did show a lot but wouldn’t you if you looked like them.

Ola Jordan Only Last Five Minuits In Bed With Husband James!


Can she keep anything quiet these days?

Ola Jordan has admitted that she only last five minuits In Bed With husband James Jordan but that’s how she likes it.

talking to the Daily Star she said:

‘It only takes five minutes. It is quick.
‘It’s always short but sweet. And he’s as fiery as you’d expect. It’s a natural thing to do when you have five minutes here and there.’

This comes just weeks after she admitted that Bruce Forsyth nearly walked in on her and James having sex backstage at Strictly Come Dancing.

Louis Walsh Thinks Simon Cowell “Created Monsters” When He Put One Direction Together

Louis walsh x factor monsters

Wow this could get nasty.

Louis Walsh has been working in the musi scene for a heck of a long time now and is responseable for putting some of the biggest bands together but now he has slammed One Direction as he said Simon Cowell “created monsters” when he put the band together!

Louis also admitted that he knew the band wouldn’t be together for ever as she said that he could see them splitting.

Talking to the Mail on Sunday events magazine Mr Walsh said:

“Too much money, too much success, too quickly, “Simon created monsters and that was it. They all think they’re going to be solo stars. They’re not. Only Harry. That’s it.

“Then they’ll be sorry they broke up and it’ll be too late because there’s another boy band. That always happens in boy bands.”

We are going to be hated for saying this but we simply agree it’s Louis they di have too much success too quickyl.

We can see where he is coming from.

What do you think??

Jodie Marsh Shows Off Her Massive Breasts While Sharing Throw Back Snap

Jodie Marsh Shows Off Her Massive Breasts While Sharing Throw Back Snap

She’s no stranger to flashing the flesh on Instagram but toda Jodie Marsh took that to another level by sharing a couple of throwback snaps as she posed half naked.

The sexy bodybuilder flashed her toned body as she posed in a skimpy bikini in her house as the photo was taken a while back.

In another photo Jodie shares she had her long red hair and she is posing very seductively to the camera completely naked.

The photos have continued t get thousands and thousands of likes since she posted them over the weekend.

She really owes look great and her body omg.

Marnie Simpson Deletes All Photos Of Herself And Louis Bloor Of Instagram


They found love in Celebrity Big Brother but it looks like they are no more!

Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson and Towie’s Lewis Bloor seemed like the perfect couple but now Marine has deleted all the photos of them together off Instagram.

but the deleting the photos wasn’t the only thing to have happened as marine has tweeted something too.

Today Marnie has tweeted:

“over before it began”

wow we really wasn’t expecting that.

Sources contacted Lewis for a comment and he said he didn’t have nothing to say.