Lady Gaga’s New Album Joanne Hits UK Shelves Early


Wow we wasn’t expecting this.

On Friday Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne is expected to hit the shops but in Europe the album came out today!

Since the album was released Monday morning fans have been taking to Twitter to show off their new albums and they seem really happy to get their hands of the CD four days early.

A Little Monster from Brussels filmed her  journey to a Media Markt store to buy the album and was surprised to see it on the shelves.

Taking to Twitter she tweeted:


Since the album has been released in some stores it has been leaked online and people have been listening to the tunes a few days early.

Now it’s been said that Shady Music Facts reported Joanne was downloaded over 300,000 times in the first 20 minutes alone!

Have you got Lady Gaga’s new album yet?

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