Justin Bieber Rents A £108,000-A-Month London Pad

Justin Bieber Rents A £108,000-A-Month London Pad

A quiet neighbours in this exclusive North London road is a beautiful location where you can hear the birds wisherling in the trees.

But now it’s looking like it is about to become a party destination as singer Justin Bieber has brought the mansion for a whopping £108,000 a month.

Justin who lives in Los Angeles is planning on spending time between LA and London from now on as Justin has fell in love with the area.

Estate Knight Frank, has said:

‘This is one of the capital’s most luxurious homes and offers state-of-the-art facilities including an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa, tennis court, home cinema and wine cellar.

‘Roads such as this continue to hold massive appeal amongst the rich and the famous, and this is one of the few areas in London to offer larger properties with huge, secluded gardens.

‘The house also offers complete privacy.’

We don’t personally think this is going to go down well with his neighbours but we shall see.

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