Perrie Edwards Was Like A ‘Woman Possessed’ At An Airport After She Was Dumped By Zayn Malik Via Text

Perrie Edwards Was Like A 'Woman Possessed' At An Airport After She Was Dumped By Zayn Malik Via Text

Yesterday we told you that Zayn Malik dumped Perrie Edwards via text after she annouced this during a book.

Now it’s been said that Perrie received the text while she was at an airport and was like a “mad person” after she checked her phone.

Talking about her worst situation in her life she told Heart Radio:

‘I was at the airport and I got an awful phone call, erm, from someone. And then… I just… what did I…? I just remember screaming in the airport.’

Band member Jade Thirlwall then said:

‘She had a little mini breakdown in the airport. And it was in the security line and so we thought “oh God.'”

‘We literally just made a little shell huddle around her so that no one could see her and we were like, ‘It’s OK, just let it out.'”

To what Perrie said:

‘I was like a women possessed! It was awful! It just blubbed and blubbed and I thought I was going to explode.’

It must have been so hard for her to receive that message.

Glad that she has moved on with someone better.

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