Sir David Attenborough Defends London Zoo Gorilla What Excaped

Sir David Attenborough Defends London Zoo Gorilla What Excaped

With the news breaking last week about the 29 stone Gorilla what escaped from London Zoo animal fanatic Sir David Attenborough has defended the gorilla escaping.

Talking on Good Morning Britain David admitted that it’s ‘hardly surprising’ that the gorilla got ‘fed up’, and smashed the glass of it’s enclosure.

He said:

‘They are wonderful animals, gorillas. They are animals which guard their privacy,’

‘In the forests of west Africa, they don’t live out in the open. They aren’t stared at by people. They value their privacy.’

David then spoke more about how it must feel for the gorrilla to have people staring at him for many hours of the day:

‘To be subjected to … to have a panel of glass, for 10 hours a day or whatever it is…

‘If the people were respectful that would be something,’ he said. ‘Sometimes visitors to zoos are not respectful and they start shrieking or waving their arms in order to get the poor gorilla to do something.

‘You might think, oh they’re just animals. They are not just animals. They are related to us. They value their privacy. Just imagine what it’s like to be there…’

David then said that he thinks Zoo’s should think about the animals before they make their enclosures:

‘That finally the alpha male, the big gorilla, got fed up with it, is hardly surprising.’

 ‘There’s a lot has to be said for zoos but they have to bear in mind the sensitivity of animal.

‘A gorilla is not like a fish. A gorilla is closely related to us. It has feelings. It can get distressed easily and they do. We have to pay attention to that.’

We agree with everything Sir David said there.

Maybe Zoo’s should team up with David and he could design the enclosures.

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