Day: October 20, 2016

Bette Midler’s Kim Kardashian Shaming Is All “Good Fun”

Bette Midler's Kim Kardashian Shaming Is All "Good Fun"

It seem’s Bette Midler is really not a fan of Kim Kardashian.

Bette has now said that her shaming the reality star online is “entertainment”.

If you’re not clear about what has gone on between these two Bette aired her viewers on naked pictures what Kimmy published to her Instagram account.

Now talking about her Twitter taunts she said:

“I look at it as entertainment. I don’t take it seriously. It’s easier to write a thought in 140 characters than it is to waffle on for acres and acres and acres of words. If it amuses a few people a couple times a day, great. They shouldn’t look for anything more than that.”

Kim is not the only famous face to be slated by Bette’s Twitter as Justin Bieber‘s dad found himself  in trouble with her for talking about his son’s penis.

She just loves it.

Cliff Richard Is A Big Fan Of Little Mix

Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Cliff Richard hasnt had the best of couple of years but now it seem’s his life has perked up as he posed with Little Mix.

The girls stopped Cliff and asked for a selfie at the Sony Headquarters in London.

The girls Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock seemed really happy to pose with Cliff and he seemed happy too.

Lovely snap.

Plane Flying Made In Chelsea Cast Crashes In The Pacific

Plane Flying Made In Chelsea Cast  Crashes In The Pacific

A plane what was flying the Made In Chelsea cast to Costa Rica to film a special episode of the reality show has crashed in the Pacific.

It’s been said that two producers and two technical directors were on board with the cast while the scary crash happened.

It’s been said that none of the team where hurt and all of the five cast and four members of the film crew where taken to a nearby hospital for checks.

The filming of the show has now been suspended and the cast and crew will not return home in the UK.

A NBC Universal International Studios, which owns Made in Chelsea’s production company Monkey Kingdom has said:

‘Four of our Production Team on Made in Chelsea, produced by Monkey Kingdom, were involved in a plane crash earlier today in a resort in Costa Rica. 

‘We can confirm that all four people and the pilot are safe and unhurt. No cast were onboard.

It continued:

‘We are grateful to the emergency services in Costa Rica for their assistance in this serious incident.

‘We have taken immediate steps to ensure those involved have every support locally and our priority is to return all cast and crew home.

‘We ask that the privacy of everyone involved in Made in Chelsea, both on and off screen, is respected over the coming days.’

So scary!

They must have been so petrified.

Perrie Edwards Shows Off Her Toned Tummy While Dancing To Shout Out To My Ex

Perrie Edwards Shows Off Her Toned Tummy While Dancing To Shout Out To My Ex

Look at her go.

Perrie Edwards has showed off her dancing skills and her toned tummy while dancing to Little Mix’s new song Shout Out To My Ex.

The girls who where appearing on ITV’s This Morning today took the time back stage to listen to the tune when Perrie started to dance.

During the video Perrie turned around and flashed her bottom to the camera.

Look at her go.

Hilary Duff & BF Jason Walsh Are Thinking About Moving In Together!

Hilary Duff Locks Lips With New Boyfriend Jason Walsh On Instagram

Aw super cute.

They havent been together for very long but now Hilary Duff and her boyfriend Jason Walsh are thinking about moving in with each other.

It was only last week that Hillary shared a photo of herself and Jason having a good old snog on Instagram but it seems in just that week a lot  has changed.

An insider has said that while Hils was filming Younger in NYC, she said:

“She would see him four to five nights per week and he had a drawer at her place.”

“They’re talking about him moving in with her [in LA].”


They do make a good couple.

Lisa Riley Takes Lie Test On Loose Women To Prove That She Did Not Have A Gastric Band

Lisa Riley Takes Lie Test On Loose Women To Prove That She Did Not Have A Gastric Band

She’s lost ten stone in weight recently and in typical critic fashion they have accused Lisa Riley of having a gastric band to lose all that weight.

Getting fed up with people thinking she had surgery to lose the weight today on Loose Women the actress took a lie detector test to prove that she never had a gastric band.

Lisa took the test live on air and passed with flying colours.

She said:

‘When I came on this show first time and the big weight loss was revealed… 93 per cent of people are supportive.’
‘Basically, what’s happened is the other few percent are calling me a liar. One thing I’m not is a liar. What I’ve done is such a good achievement.’

She continued to say:

‘People who have had gastric bands… brilliant, good on you. I did this my way. All I want to do is help other women and men.’

It’s good that she has proved them wrong and showed them up.

Good for her.