Day: October 26, 2016

Sam Faiers Admits She And Paul Knightley Do Have Sex As The Mummy Diaries Continues


Last week Sam Faiers was left embarrassed after one of the film crew asked her if her and boyfriend Paul Knightley have sex after Sam admitted that their baby Paul sleeps in their bed every night and how she would rather buy a bigger bed than not have him in the bed.

Now on Wednesday’s night episode of The Mummy Diaries Sam admitted that her and Paul do have sex!

Talking during a girls’

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ITV News Reader Mark Austin To Leave ITV After 20 Years!

ITV News Reader Mark Austin Leaves ITV After 20 Years!

He’s been presenting the news on ITV for a whopping 30 years now but sadly Mark Austin has annouced that he is to leave the channel.

It’s ahead of his thirtieth anniversary at ITV News but it seem’s we only have Mark presenting the News At Ten until the end of the year.

Mark said:

This week marks 30 years at ITN, three decades when I’ve enjoyed some of the best jobs in television

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Kendall Jenner Talks The Reason She Decided To Get Match Ferrari As Sister Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner Talks The Reason She Decided To Get Match Ferrari As Sister Kylie Jenner

It was only recently that Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner got matching Ferrari 488s on the same day.

N ow Kendall has decided to speak about why she decided to get the same style of car as her sister as she said on her website that she liked Kylie’s.

Talking about how she drove her sisters and that’s what made her mind up she said:

“You may have seen Kylie’s

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Kesha Admits She STARVED Herself To Be Thin Because Of Pressures From Dr. Luke


This is just horrendous.

She is currently going through a legal battel with producer Dr. Luke but now Kesha has admitted that she starved herself to make herself thin and admitted that she almost killed herself.

Talking to NY Times, the singer said:

‘I was under immense pressure to starve myself,”And I tried to and almost killed myself in the process.’

Since this legal case has

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Caroline Flack Admits She’s Handled Justin Bieber’s Used Pants!!


Isnt this every girls dream??

It seem’s Caroline Flack has gotten very hands on with Justin Bieber… Well not his personally it was his pants.

The TV presenter has admitted that she has handled his dirty underwear!

Talking to Glamour magazine Flack said that she found the star’s smalls after sneaking into his X Factor dressing room.

Flack confessed:

“We found his pants once in

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Helen Skelton Spits Her Food Out After Fly Lands In Her Hair Live On Lorraine


She’s been doing an amazing job hosting Lorraine this week but today it went a little messed up after a fly landed in Helen Skelton’s hair forcing her to spit her food out of her mouth on live TV.

The blonde seemed embarrassed as the food fell out of her mouth what was piping hot in the first place.

Helen told chef Dean Edwards that the food was “really hot”

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