Day: October 26, 2016

Sam Faiers Admits She And Paul Knightley Do Have Sex As The Mummy Diaries Continues


Last week Sam Faiers was left embarrassed after one of the film crew asked her if her and boyfriend Paul Knightley have sex after Sam admitted that their baby Paul sleeps in their bed every night and how she would rather buy a bigger bed than not have him in the bed.

Now on Wednesday’s night episode of The Mummy Diaries Sam admitted that her and Paul do have sex!

Talking during a girls’ takeaway night Sam explained:

‘You just make time. We’re young and fit.’

Then Sam’s sister Billie Faiers decided to turn the air blue as she said:

‘You don’t want to have sex for a good couple of months until it’s all healed.
‘No one told me what you’d go through after down there. I couldn’t even sit on the toilet seat and get up without being like “aaaargh”.’

Of course we did know that they do have sex because they are only young and of course Sam has plenty of babysitters who would look after Paul when they have a night away.

ITV News Reader Mark Austin To Leave ITV After 20 Years!

ITV News Reader Mark Austin Leaves ITV After 20 Years!

He’s been presenting the news on ITV for a whopping 30 years now but sadly Mark Austin has annouced that he is to leave the channel.

It’s ahead of his thirtieth anniversary at ITV News but it seem’s we only have Mark presenting the News At Ten until the end of the year.

Mark said:

This week marks 30 years at ITN, three decades when I’ve enjoyed some of the best jobs in television news, travelling the world, reporting and anchoring on the biggest stories and working with some of the most talented people in the business.

It was a great honour to present News at Ten and the Evening News for so many years and a privilege to be part of the great tradition of ITN journalism and all it stands for.

He continued:

I’m proud of what we achieved. But new opportunities present themselves and now is the time to pursue those challenges. I leave my friends and colleagues at ITV News with a heavy heart but excited about what lies ahead.

Since joining the channel has has presented some of the most heartbreaking news but there has also been so lovely times.

John Hardie who’s the chief executive of ITV has said:

Mark’s contribution to ITN, and to ITV News in particular, cannot be overstated. One of the outstanding broadcast journalists of his generation, for three decades Mark has consistently demonstrated the qualities that have made him such a household name, his integrity, his brilliant foreign reportage and his sincere compassion for those whose story he is telling. I am delighted he will be continuing to work closely with us on developing projects with ITN Productions. I am very sad to see him go.

So are we.

We wish him luck with whatever he does in the future.

Kendall Jenner Talks The Reason She Decided To Get Match Ferrari As Sister Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner Talks The Reason She Decided To Get Match Ferrari As Sister Kylie Jenner

It was only recently that Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner got matching Ferrari 488s on the same day.

N ow Kendall has decided to speak about why she decided to get the same style of car as her sister as she said on her website that she liked Kylie’s.

Talking about how she drove her sisters and that’s what made her mind up she said:

“You may have seen Kylie’s snaps of us both getting Ferraris, but the story behind it is so good — it wasn’t planned at all!… After I drove her Ferrari 458 for a week earlier this year, I knew I needed one for myself. I waited because a friend of mine told me that the 488 (the model I have now) was coming out in a few months. So, I kept waiting while my friend looked for one to come to the States.”

Then talking about how Kylie was thinking about up grading her car, Kendall said:

“When there was a model here, I went to check it out with Corey [Gamble]. Afterward, I saw Kylie and she told me she was planning on getting one, too! We thought it was cool that we’d both be driving them around… One day, I was at breakfast with my friend and he told me there was one down the street and that I had to see it. I was finally ready, so I bought it on the spot. I FaceTimed Kylie, saying, ‘Look what I just got!!!’ I told her to go check out the other one, which was local. I met her there just as she was buying it! Then we took all the cheesy snaps, lol. It was funny that we ended up getting them on the same day — because it was so spontaneous.”

They are super stunning cars.

What do you think??

Kesha Admits She STARVED Herself To Be Thin Because Of Pressures From Dr. Luke


This is just horrendous.

She is currently going through a legal battel with producer Dr. Luke but now Kesha has admitted that she starved herself to make herself thin and admitted that she almost killed herself.

Talking to NY Times, the singer said:

‘I was under immense pressure to starve myself,”And I tried to and almost killed myself in the process.’

Since this legal case has started in the courts Dr. Luke has denied all claims of abuse and filed a countersuit against the singer.

It must have been a very depressing time for her and just simply awful.

Caroline Flack Admits She’s Handled Justin Bieber’s Used Pants!!


Isnt this every girls dream??

It seem’s Caroline Flack has gotten very hands on with Justin Bieber… Well not his personally it was his pants.

The TV presenter has admitted that she has handled his dirty underwear!

Talking to Glamour magazine Flack said that she found the star’s smalls after sneaking into his X Factor dressing room.

Flack confessed:

“We found his pants once in his dressing room at X Factor !”

“He was in Simon Cowell ’s dressing room, the one with the bath in it, and me and Olly were doing Xtra Factor so we shared a dressing room down the other end. We all went in there afterwards and Justin had left his pants!”

Sadly Caroline never took the pants home as her co-host Olly Murs took them before she had chance lol.

She continued:

“I think Olly’s still got them actually. They were Calvin Kleins – I didn’t look, some of us did but I didn’t…”

We have to saw we would have taken them and put them on eBay lol.

Helen Skelton Spits Her Food Out After Fly Lands In Her Hair Live On Lorraine


She’s been doing an amazing job hosting Lorraine this week but today it went a little messed up after a fly landed in Helen Skelton’s hair forcing her to spit her food out of her mouth on live TV.

The blonde seemed embarrassed as the food fell out of her mouth what was piping hot in the first place.

Helen told chef Dean Edwards that the food was “really hot” as she put her hand to her mouth trying not to spit the food out but sadly failed lol.

She said:

“I’m really sorry! Woah, who needs a tongue?”

Then that’s when the fly landed in her hair but in a true trooper fashion she tried to continue with her link.

Bless her.