Day: October 30, 2016

Jodie Marsh Sells Her famous Boob Belt For £100,000 For Charity!

She was well known for going out dressed in belts but now Jodie Marsh has decided to sell them famous belts for charity. 

Jodie is selling the belts on eBay and have already reached £100,000 on the auction site and as a special Jodie is also throwing in the mini skirt what she also wore with the belts.

The bodybuilder splashed the link to the page where fans can buy the items all over social media and fans went crazy for them.

Taking to social media Jodie said:

‘These belts need to be in a case on display. Haha. I’m selling them on eBay. Along with the tiny skirt I wore on that famous night out (you won’t believe how small I am). 

‘Get bidding but please only bid if you’re serious as otherwise the charities won’t benefit and neither will the serious buyer! Links on my official Facebook and twitter.’

She then continued to say:

‘I wore them three times and they made the front pages of all the newspapers! They are unwashed haha. The link to the listing on eBay is on my official Facebook and also on my twitter!!!’ 

The belts have received 57 bids and fetched a staggering £100,100, within hours of being auctioned by the former glamour model.

Jodie has decided that the money will go to owning and celebrating your individual differences – but some of the proceeds will also be going to a number of animal charities.

This is such a good thing that she is doing. 

Good for her!

Megan McKenna Left Heartbroken After She suffers Another Blow Over Ex Boyfriend Pete Wicks During Halloween Party

They where in a normal loving relationship until Megan McKenna found out that her boyfriend Pete Wicks had been cheating on her. 

The relationship was looking up as they meet up a few times and got on but it seems the love is still not there. 

During a Halloween party Megan found out more revaluing about Pete.

Megan’s close friend Daniel Armstrong was chatting to Megan when she gave some bad news. 

Megan arrived at the party by herself and Pete was too ill to attend. 

Megan was speaking to Petes friend James Lock when a revelation came out what left her in tears. 

We will have to wait to see what this revelation is when Towie airs tonight!