Day: October 30, 2016

Jodie Marsh Sells Her famous Boob Belt For £100,000 For Charity!

She was well known for going out dressed in belts but now Jodie Marsh has decided to sell them famous belts for charity. 

Jodie is selling the belts on eBay and have already reached £100,000 on the auction site and as a special Jodie is also throwing in the mini skirt what she also wore with the belts.

The bodybuilder splashed the link to the page where fans can buy the items all over social

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Megan McKenna Left Heartbroken After She suffers Another Blow Over Ex Boyfriend Pete Wicks During Halloween Party

They where in a normal loving relationship until Megan McKenna found out that her boyfriend Pete Wicks had been cheating on her. 

The relationship was looking up as they meet up a few times and got on but it seems the love is still not there. 

During a Halloween party Megan found out more revaluing about Pete.

Megan’s close friend Daniel Armstrong was chatting to

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