Day: November 3, 2016

Phillip Schofield Can’t Make Out Why The One Show Never Asked Cheryl If She Is Pregnant!


Yesterday Cheryl appeared on The One Show as we told you about to talk about supporting Childline when it was her body what everyone wanted to talk about as she really did look pregnant.

Now talking about the interview on This Morning today Phillip Schofield admitted that he just couldn’t make out what the presenters never asked Cheryl if she is pregnant.

Phillip said:

‘Sometimes guests might say before a show, under no circumstances can you ask about this.

Then Phillips co-host Holly Willoughby said:

She might not even be pregnant.’

Phill then replied:

‘They are very good on that show, so they must have been told not to ask.
‘I’m not sure I understand the intricacies of it all, but maybe she’s enjoying the intricacies of it all. Maybe she’s just enjoying the fun surrounding it all.’

At the end of the day it’s her business if she is pregnant or not

Saira Khan Breaks Down In Tears On Loose Women After She Admits She Was Sexually Abused By A Family Member At 13 Years-Old!


She is just so brave!

Today on Loose Women Saira Khan admitted live on the show and very unexpected that she was abused by a family relative when she was just 13-years-old.

Saira just bleated out that she was abused while talking about Bono being named as woman of the year when Saira admitted that she would have liked Pakistani woman Mukhtar Mai voted instead.

It was back in 2002 Mukhtar was gang raped by village elders because her brother was deemed to have had an inappropriate relationship and forced to walk naked through the streets.

Talking about the topic on the show today Saira said:

‘Many women in her position would have committed suicide. But she dedicates her life to helping other victims.’

Then Saira started to get upset as she said:

‘This woman inspired me. I’ve never said this before but a male member of my family came into my bedroom when I was 13 and did things to me.

She continued:

For any young child or woman, someone touching them without permission is WRONG It happens in our homes as well.
‘It’s not culturally acceptable or religiously acceptable and it happens everyday.’

With her hands shaking, she said:

‘Sorry, guys I wasn’t expecting to say it and I’m only saying it now as the man is dead.

‘I told my mother and my brothers years later and my mum was amazing. I feel like I’ve got one over him now. I feel inspired to not keep it private.’

All the Loose Women including, Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha and Ann Diamond jumped up and hugged the distressed TV presenter.

It was such an emotional moment.