Scotty T Confirms He’s Back And ‘Settled Down’ Again With Francesca Toole

Scotty T Annouces Relationship With Francesca Toole And She's The 'Real Deal'

He’s about to start filming series 14 of Geordie Shore but now Scotty T has annouced that he is back in a relationship with Francesca Toole despite being on the show.

With him being on the show Scotty has admitted that he has slept with over 1000 women and viewers see on the show that he is a massive player.

Now Scotty has admitted that he is ‘settled down’ and is ‘loved up’ with his ex Francesca again.

Scotty dumped the brunett last month but it seem’s they just couldn’t stay away from each other despite his ways with women.

The reality star has said that his girlfriend want’s nothing to do with the MTV show.

Talking recently when he was asked if he is all loved up he said:

“Well… yeah… I am settled down, yeah… for now.”

Then continuing to talk about his relationship he said:

“Mine is up and down all the time because the media want to write anything and do anything… if I even walk past a girl in the street or talk to someone, it’s like I’m getting with someone else.

“At the start [Francesca] wasn’t bothered but now she takes everything to heart.

“It just gets harder for us.”

He then said:

“Yeah, I am loved up but I’ll be going back to filming soon so it just depends because she doesn’t want anything to do with the show.

“I don’t want and girlfriend on the show but I do want to be with her. She is the best bird ever and she’s f***ing crackers as well.”

“It is all good, but she kicks off at the slightest things and punches me f***ing head in.

The trouble is he cant keep it in his pants so will this relationship last??

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